Money stress...Nope...Money problems...No...This should be your new normal.

The key to having fewer money anxieties and stress is simple.  You need to learn how money works before you can learn how to make it grow.  Ensuring you have a solid plan in place to budget, save, invest and trade will help you rewrite your money story.

You need a program that will assist you with figuring out how to find great investments opportunities with high success probability, but more importantly how to manage risk and once you gain profits, how to protect your profits. 

Plus, how to allocate your money.  Utilize your earnings to work for you. Some people think you need a lot of money to start, you DON'T! In fact, this program is so unique because I teach you how to leverage other people's funds to grow your bank accounts, pay off debt, save and stay on the path to financial freedom.

We all need assistance at different points within our lives to gain back our financial confidence and buckle down and get to business, make our money grow, and do it ALL with balance.

Ready to FINALLY learn how to invest and trade?

Ready to learn and pass on generational wealth? 

Have you been furlough? Laid-off? Working too many hours in your business or someone else's and still not making the income you desire?

Are you simply just unhappy with your current job? 

Learn how to create long-term wealth for you and your family?  The time is now.  

Ready to step into the pathway that leads to financial freedom? Learn how to create your own daily, weekly or monthly income with options trading, stock trading, futures contracts, or through your own portfolio!

Yup! Learn the methods to make your money work for you!


Financial Literacy & Option Trading Program - Income generator


All about getting financially organized and savvy with your money

  • Have a crystal-clear vision for what financial savvy looks like for you, and create a step-by-step roadmap to get you there in a realistic timeframe
  • Completely TRANSFORM your money mindset (View money with the right balanced) and learn the mindset that will empower your financial growth.
  • Identify and commit to using money monitor, investing, trading & budgeting tools to look at your money regularly so you keep moving towards financial freedom.
  • Get REAL and learn your NET worth (know where you are now) and step into the financially savvy person you want to be.  
  • Discover what your old money story is, and rewrite what it will be for you and your family shortly.
  • Learn how to trade Options for income building
  • Create your own retirement account(s)
  • Create income with Options strategies on the platform you are comfortable with
  • Gain analytical tools to become a sniper at investing and trading
  • Discover new ways to earn, save, and invest more money easily.
  • Gain the financial skills to maintain a balanced view of money

Expected Transformation:

At the end of this course, you will have gained the ability to create a financial portfolio, budget like a boss, understand the world of finance, improve your credit score,  invest and trade stock(s), trade options contracts and create daily, weekly, and monthly income.

Ready to start!

Futures Contract Trading Program

Multiple Options - Select below for details

Start your financial portfolio + leverage other companies funds as a funded trader

  • Trading Made Simple Futures Contract Program ($8,999 Value)
  • Insight on How to Become a Funded Futures Trader Program ($1,997) Values
  • Learn to create a solid financial portfolio 
  • Invest and trade on the platform that fits you (Learn which one works for you!)
  • Risk Management Reward/Risk locator (PRICELESS)
  • Trading Mindset (PRICELESS)
  • Ninja Trader Platform: Buying/Selling Strategies ($9,997 Value)
  • OneUp Trader - How to become a funded trader ($2,497 Value)
  • APEX Trader Funder ($2,399 Value) 
  • Advanced: Trading Strategies ($4,997 Value)
  • Advanced: Globex Trading Strategies ($497 Values)
  • Action Plans (PRICELESS)
  • Coaching call(s) Vault (PRICELESS)
  • Worksheets (PRICELESS)
  • Trading Journal & Trading Mindset Journal

Expected Transformation:

At the end of this program, you will have gained the ability to understand the financial sectors, understand the stock market and how to trade futures contracts, create daily, weekly, monthly income.  Journal your trades like a boss and know how to become a funded trader. (if you desire to be a funded trader)

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Self-paced Digital Training

Every investment and trading topic is taught in short step-by-step digital training where we dig deep into strategies you can use to make trades. Each training is paired with action-based homework to help you actually learn by trading in real-world transactions.   You have one full year of access to all the content so that you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. 


Learn Multiple Platforms & Strategies 

I teach you the principles, the facts, the strategies, and the fundamentals for multiple platforms. Then can you utilize the platform and strategy that fits your soon-to-be "trading and investing style".   Hey, it was once told to me, it only takes mastering 1 platform and 1 strategy to make the income you need daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.  It's so true!  Walk away from every training with new skills that you can implement in your own portfolio right away


Create Your Financial Portfolio

Not everyone is ready for a financial plan or has someone to teach them how to successfully create one.  I believe every person and family should have a financial plan in place,  Especially the moment you start working.  Family's with a financial plan are able to show their child the "Why" and "How" it's important to have in place,  They pass on the knowledge to them.  Think of this as your financial roadmap to guide you through each major and minor financial goal.  Remember, money is just a tool, but you need to know how to utilize the tool right. Investing and trading help you achieve this faster and safer.

Access Right On Your Phone

Trading Made Simple comes with a free downloadable app — making it easy to access content right on your phone. Plus, you can easily join the group coaching calls from wherever you happen to be.

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