"Finally, a way to earn passive income consistently via the stock market!"

Ready to learn how to finally trade in the stock market utilizing other company's capital?

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Hi! I'm Kristina and I am here to help.

I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve their financial goals and reach new heights through Futures Contract Trading. My approach is holistic, taking into account all aspects of your work-life balance, including the financial challenges and stresses that often come in life. With my help, you will be able to rewrite your money story and overcome any obstacles along the way to achieving your income goals. So, if you are ready to take your income to the next level, let's start!


Today is the day to change your financial Trajectory!


Does this resonate with you...

You are looking to increase your income?

Do you find it difficult to make your financial needs met?  Seems like you always running out of money to finish paying your important things. So... you do that, "Borrow from Peter to pay Pual" strategy?   

Experiencing financial anxieties

Do you feel stuck in a financial rut? Times are getting more and more difficult, and you lack a solid plan to end your financial rut.  Gaining a plan to create passive income and build your finances for a successful tomorrow is key.  Let's create your playbook to consistently follow.

Give your money a job to do!

You want to understand the stock market and gain simple strategies to make your hard earn money work for you and your family, but you think it's time consuming.  Nope, I can show you step by step as you learn via my online program when it's convenient to you. 

Here is the Academy's Framework

Why you NEED this program?

It's time to shift the focus back to YOU building a way to create passive income. Unfortunately, the true is you could be wasting money because of the time you are using to attempt to create more money. Hey, time is money. You need a strategy and the ability to gain more in less time. You can't continue to have your mind weigh down on your financial anxieties. You need to create passive & semi passive income model. Stop stressing about the next client, your next service invoice, your next 9 to 5 check, and grow your income via on your own time.

Course Details

Welcome to the program

In this section you will review the important legal disclaimers.  Learn how to navigation through the academy and see a glimpse on what's to come within the program.  Here is where you will create your business and life's blueprint, gain knowledge of your learning style to create the perfect learning schedule to balance your business and life activities.  

  • Welcome to the program
  • Legal Matters
  • About Your Instructor
  • Program Overview & Navigation
  • The Futures Markets Intro 
  • Financial Sectors & Markets
  • Your Learning Schedule
  • What Are Futures Contracts - Futures Trading
  • Platforms/Systems & Apps

Get laser focus on understanding the Financial Sectors.  We will break down the financial Industry and the impact on you.   Here is where you will ensure you are setting the best foundation to turn mindset into a balanced money mindset. I provide the tools to ensure your success as you put in the work.  


  • How to Complete Ninja Trader Application for Trading Futures
  • Tools to Learn Market Moves
  • Another Layer of Understanding the Financial Sectors
  • Breaking Down the Financial Industry and the Impact on you
  • Getting started with Ninja Trader - Connection, chart, your workspace, and control center
  • Setting up the Ninja Trader Database


Time to shift your thinking into a trader mindset. Money works better when you think about it in percentages, not dollars.  You will now ensure your personal finances.  Personal credit.  

How to Analyze & Strategies

  • Setting up the Ninja Trader Database
  • Intro to Futures on Ninja Trader Platform
  • Benefits & Risk of Futures Trading
  • Futures Contract Specifications
  • Identifying time & Trading trends
  • Technical Analysis
  • Futures Trading Strategies 
  • Futures Hedging Strategies
  • Risk Management and Record-keeping
  • Recapping Futures

Did you know there are over a million ways to make money?  Honest money.  All you need is one method.  This section of the course focuses on how to make your financial portfolio to gain more income, plus more tools I teach you.  No need to stress out about revenue worries, when you know where to tap into money and how to obtain it.  Let's get to work!


  • How to add to your account and withdraw funds from Ninja Trader
  • Identifying time & Trading trends that supports entry & exit points
  • Risk Management and record-keeping
  • Money Allocation
  • Setting up stop loss and profit targets
  • Ninja Trader to the full (Trading like a pro)


Building a successful income portfolio takes understanding, time, a plan and a personalize playbook.  This section of the course will gear you towards setting up your game plan to utilize within your LIVE or funded account.  Trading futures is a way to build income short or long term with a steady method.

  • Chart Analysis and comparison
  • Risk Management Level 2 (Ensure your evaluation goes smooth)
  • How to utilize trading journal/plan for income-generating tracking
  • Putting it all together
  • Think or Swim
  • Utilizing the resources learned (news and research apps and sites)


In this section of the course, we deep drive into your money matters.  Now is the time to ensure you gained clarity allocate you money and have a solid playbook to sustain your passive income. 


  • How to set trading automation
  • Putting your trading plan into action
  • Income strategies
  • Trade and tax tracking












Frequently Asked Questions

This course was created for you to successfully complete as early as 1 1/2 months.  However, because it was designed for the busy Entrepreneur, head of the house, individual interested in learning about the stock market and how to trade, you have 1-year access to go at your own pace.  On average individuals complete the course within 3 months.

Due to this Academy being all digital, there is no refunds.  However, I also make sure if any issues arise, I work with you to assist you through your issue or hard time.  I got your back! 

This course is broken down into 6 categories for a 3-month format.  There are 4 to 7 courses within each category.  Plus, BONUSES to ensure your learning experience.  

No, 1 on 1 coaching or group coaching is not included.  However, there are pop-up group coaching session(s) as bonuses.

Can you always request 1 on 1 services at any time.


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