Hey there! I'm Kristina

Your stock market strategist.

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Hey there! I'm Kristina

Your stock market strategist.

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A few years ago, I decided I wanted MORE time to do the important things in life. I knew being an Entrepreneur was my way out of the daily hustle. I knew working until I am 65 or older is a trap I want to avoid. So, I took serious action and build a solid online business and learn how to become self efficient by investing in the best coaches (Business and Financial), learned the fundamentals, chart analysis, technical analysis, and used my 14 years of experience as a Business Coach and Analyst to develop my Special Sauce for earning passive income via the Stock Market — a stable strategy to earn great returns from low-cost investing & trading.


I have worked in the finance industry for over 13 years as a Coach/Trainer and Business Analyst. I have master’s degrees in Business Administration, Health Service Administration, and Technical Informatics. I have trained with the best:


Dion Pouncil (Principal Chef Investment Officer of over $1 Billion of Assets Under management)

Dominque Broadway (Financial Planner, award-winning Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert, and Entrepreneur).

Teri Ijeoma (Entrepreneur, and professional day trader).

In my Programs/Courses "Entrepreneur Income & Finance Accelerator Program", I help you learn how to grow your income with passive and semi-passive strategies. I don’t believe you need to sacrifice money you don’t have, skip important expenses, or go into debt to make impressive returns on your business and different investments.


Sure, I made plenty of mistakes before I mastered how to use passive income while building my business which is why financial literacy is an important part of my program. I want to help you learn how to make your money work for you while also being cautious and protecting your investments and other forms of passive income.  


Maybe you have tried launching your business, growing your business and due to low or no client sales, you feel defeated. 


Or maybe you’ve spent hours researching how to successful start or grow your business, you've tried making additional money with options and other stock market trading but only found strategies for investing with a large amount of money, to begin with. Such a let down!


I’ve been there too — When I first started looking into building my business, I was lost. I spent too much money to learn the same thing from others and yet was left waiting for a client sale to avoid the stress of running a business with no profits. However, the stock market education I invested in, was eye opening. That with other passive income methods made me become my own bank. Passive income methods, investing and trading expanded my revenue, and removed the stress or waiting on someone to pay me.


I had a hard time finding a simple quick-start way to do both. Build a solid business financial foundation while increasing my income with passive income.


So, I created my own program. In "Entrepreneur Income & Finance Accelerator Program" I teach you my financial literacy, how to build business credit, strategies, framework, methods and more. 


Visionary Mindset Academy


Besides being the CEO of my own company, I was also a Business Technical Analyst for over 5 years and a Manager within my Company's training department (yes I am a data geek) and I currently love being a teaching. So, I understand the challenges faced in the corporate world. I get how to juggle real life as you grow a successful business and the real meaning of staying balanced. I love cooking, cleaning, traveling, everything old school (talking about the ’80s and ’90s!) and just being wifey!

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