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It won’t take long before you realize that with the right tools and a great plan in place, growing your personal or business income is easy..

Time to work less, plan smarter and grow your finances. 

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We are all about ensuring you learn how to create a solid financial foundation, savvy budget and learn methods to grow your income.  How? We teach you how to gain financial literacy skills & tools, like Investing, trading, and create other passive income streams. This Academy was designed for you, it's like tapping into a gold mine without digging and doing a ton of hard work.  I am here to help you start or elevate your finances.  Plus gain financial literacy to share with your loved ones.  Scale your financial foundation, learn how to take strategies which the RICH do, but don't share.  

Learn the knowledge to build your own financial portfolio or how to monitor the one you already have so you STOP losing money.  Very person needs to have an establish portfolio.  I give you the tools to smash your financial goals. You need this in your life!

Start here with my 2022-23 Ultimate Chic Budget Planner & tracker and or the Compound Interest Calculator. 

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A few years ago, I decided I wanted MORE time to do the important things in life. So, I decided to take head-on the BEST methods to do what I love, day in and day out while buying back my time with more reward.  I wanted to buy out the time to put the more important things first. You spiritually, quality time with my husband, family, gardening and etc.  I wanted to choose living while working instead of working to barely live.  To do so, I needed to master finances.  Gain a better understanding on how the banks think and work and how I could ensure I make ALL my hard earned money work for me and my family.  Becoming financially savvy allowed me to develop other streams of income to gain back my time and gain the ability to become the boss over my own time.  There were a ton of key elements missing from my previous financial knowledge.  Yup, managing money, making debt work for you and not against you, investing, trading stocks, and savvy yet chic pay-off methods to keep your score above 800's are the things you must know! 


  • Your health is your "True" Wealth.  So STOP your unwanted stress and anxiety that's due to bad money management or those stressful moments of coming up short each pay period to pay the necessities.  
  • Every family should understand the value of having a home business.  When you are ready to start or grow your home business, it can provide more financial benefits for your household.
  • You have what it takes to become financially savvy with good financial literacy and plus the tools to trade Future Contracts with other companies money to grow your INCOME. 

Understanding how to make money moves allows you to grow your money with less risk over a long or short period while experiencing the benefits or less money relate stress.  If your an entrepreneur, increasing your income can allow you to use the additional funds to grow your business faster.

No need to take out business loans, when you can be the bank! 

I teach you how to make budgeting, saving, additional income streams simple — I developed stable strategies that increases your income. 

Yes, I do make MONEY MOVES in the stock market but I know that's not for everyone. 

Yes, my methods help you to become a organize, financial savvy, in the know or how to grow your income with a safe and steady method, and if trading and investing is you JAM, how to become a chic stock market trader.

I coach you through changing your bad money habits into good money habits, while implementing a new lifestyle of making the right money moves.  

Get financially organized, gain control over your budgeting and savings.


Who do I help?

  • Family heads running their home as a CEO
  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Small Business Owners
  • Individuals desiring to become financially savvy and or learn how to use the stock market to increase their income.

How can I help...In 4 ways:

  • 1 on 1 coaching to learn how to run your business and or make passive income
  • Courses: How to Become a Funded Future Contract Trader - Become the Bank"
  • "Income creating" Strategy Session Call - Rewrite your new money story now
  • Courses catered to "How to start and build passive income" 

1 on 1 coaching provides you with the ability to learn how to run your business, become more organized as a business owner, grow your money on your terms.  This program allows us to meet via zoom weekly.  I assist you at your current entrepreneur level and teach you a personal strategy for passive income and more.  

Sometimes you need more hands-on help and a flexible schedule to do so.  Schedule your 1 on 1 program now. 

Perhaps you just need a push into the right business financial decision? Maybe you are already doing all the right moves but want to increase your business organization skills, be more financial savvy to make the money you are making, work more in your favor.  Book your "Business or Personal Strategy Session" call.  This call will allow you and me to map out your goals and make sure your trajectory is set in the right direction.  This is a 90-minute call allowing you to put everything into action. 

Feel like you need to just have a self-pace option? I still have you covered.  Enroll in one of my courses or programs and or take a course to learn how to start and build passive income. 

✔️How to build your business or personal finances for success 

✔️Create a rock-solid Finance Foundation

✔️Target your finances like a sniper

✔️Budget like the BOSS you are

✔️How to pay off debt

✔️Understanding what business platforms fits your unique needs

✔️How to increase your credit score

✔️How to make financial savvy moves

✔️How to create a financial portfolio

✔️How to create passive and semi-passive income by trading Future Contract trading as a Funded trader



  • To create a work and life balance & reduce money anxieties?
  • To learn money savvy methods to increase your income as a funded Futures Contract trader?
  • To gain family & life balance, increase your savings, become more confident with your finances? 

Then you can't afford to not enroll today! 

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"Passive income is the holy grail for Family heads/entrepreneurs who want to spend more time doing what they love and less time working. Find out how my program can help you achieve financial freedom."


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You can expect the following transformation...

You will gain clarity on how the money you make works in the world of finance.  Gaining a firm understanding of finance (Finance Literacy with a 2022 prospective) and its direct impact on you, your family, and your business, if you have one, prepares you to make better money matter decisions.   You need this now, especially to prepare for years to come financially. Learn how to also use course creation to increase your business revenue, credit, and more.

Then it's time to sustain your money in the sense you have eyes on every aspect that money impacts your day-to-day life. You will begin to have better control over your financial freedom. Run your business like the BOSS you are.  You will gain the ability to budget like a BOSS, create your income statement, expense statements to understand how to make the money you do have work, and grow for you and your family. Think about it, as an aspiring Entrepeneur or an already business owner, the income you are making deserves to be protected and grow.  Plus maintaining life balance to keep the earned money in its proper place. So many of us fall victim to striving for more money and left with more debt than we started with.  That is not the way.  Having clarity as to how to balance money, use it as a tool and understand methods to grow our money with less risk is the way.

The best way to get out of the rat race and make more …

  • How much time are you losing currently by making the wrong money decisions? 
  • How long does it take you to make the income you need to cover the cost when you could make more with less time and use the hours in your day doing more things you love doing?
  • If you are currently stressing about how much your business or personal income has brought in as revenue, you're full of cortisol.  Creating sustainability with money will reduce this stress and increase your sleep, mood, and overall health.   Plus make your bank account healthy.


The most important part of this program's transformation is Growth! I will teach you how to build your income with simple methods, and with a user-friendly platform (the one that works for you!).  I teach you the methods and principles, but you choose the platform you love. Create or learn to increase your financial portfolio, creating your perfect course, turning the money you already have and properly allocating your dollars.   You can maximize your learning with our 1 on 1 coaching. 

When it comes to growing your income and building your financial portfolio, the key is to invest in new business ventures that have the potential for growth and profitability. Whether you are new to the world of investing to generate funds to use within your business or an experienced, this program can help you to identify new opportunities and make informed decisions about how to grow your money and stay organized. Through expert guidance and hands-on lessons, I will teach you how to leverage various platforms and tools to make smart investments. Whether you prefer online platforms or traditional stock markets, we will work together to find the best ways to maximize your earning potential and increase your financial portfolio. So, if you're ready for a new chapter in your career, sign up today, and let's get started on the path toward prosperity!

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Hey, ready to stop the procrastination and finally learn the companies within your retirement portfolio, learn how to invest, level up your income to grow your business without depending on client invoices.  Need to create a better work and life balance with you growing your business to ensure you are the BOSS? 

I can help with that.  Have trouble budgeting, saving, and or staying financially organized? I got you covered!  

Book your 30-minute call now.  Start growing your income and financial literacy.

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Ready to start implementing a solid financial plan? Gain on how to start building your financial freedom. 


The 1on 1 coaching program is designed to provide you with step-by-step guidance for building your financial building blocks while learning how to invest, start or maintain your retirement account, pay off debt and get financially organize.  Receive 1 hour weekly session(s) zoom conference.

This program provides Step-by-Step coaching for building financial literacy, how to maintain your financial portfolio and grow your income with proven methods. Sign up now!


Let my 1 on 1 Journey begin!

Ready for financial awareness while focusing on methods to increase business 💵 🎉 success and income.


Start the Futures Contract Course. This Course that includes:
✔️How to build your finances for success 

✔️Create a rock-solid Finance foundation

✔️Budget like the BOSS you are

✔️How to pay off debt

✔️How to use investing methods to generate income for expenses

✔️How to increase your credit score

✔️How to make financial savvy moves

✔️How to create a financial portfolio

✔️How to create passive and semi-passive income📜.

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